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My Current Projects

Check in here every so often to get an update on what I'm working on at the mo'. This will be anything from being in a show, working crew, to playing my cello for the church band!

Current Projects


Secret Garden with Places! Productions

I'll be playing Rose in Secret Garden. This is my third production acting in a show with Places! I deeply enjoy the community here and how the company opporates. I am in the adult cast, so be sure to pay close attention when purchasing tickets.


Current Work

Academy Manager at Childsplay

After working as the Academy Associate for 4 years, I've recently accepted the position of Academy Manager. As the manager, I oversee dozens of theatre classes for robust classes that see over 300 unique students each year. From selecting classes, to hiring instructors, and from training to program building, it's my job to do what it takes to offer awesome programming not only to our students but especially to our staff. Childsplay continues to amaze me in the work we do to bring theatre and theatre education to young people in the most healthy, holistic, and fun way.

View our classes at:


Director at StrayCat

I'm currently directing Fairview by Jackie Sibblies Drury at Stray Cat. A bit about the show:  Winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.
Beverly Frasier is determined to throw a perfect birthday party for her mother, but her sister can’t be bothered to help, her husband doesn’t seem to listen, her brother is M.I.A., her daughter is a teenager, and maybe nothing is what it seems in the first place! Fairview is a searing examination of families, drama, family dramas, and the insidiousness of racism in America.

View their website here:

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