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What to expect when working with me

Every person brings something unique to the table. Everyone has something to offer. If you are working with me whether as an employee, performer, director, or volunteer. Here are thing things you can expect from me.

My Teaching/Directing Philosophy
Everyone involved in the process of putting on a show is an artist and should be treated as such.
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

EDI is a large and primary part of how I operate. My life is guided by this idea that we are all beautiful souls with baggage and trauma that stems from systemic oppression and racism. The arts and artists are at the forefront of the effort to equity. This work start with young people in a place where they can learn and express themselves. I regularly facilitate discussions, check ins, and reflection regularly work to create an environment where we can ask the hard questions without embarrassment. Peace comes from understanding. Unity comes from community. When you work with me, conservations about race and gender are a norm and I do my best to make them feel natural cathartic. Here are a few core ideals:

  • I respect peoples chosen name and pronouns

  • Every play is a "race play"

  • Color conscious casting over color blind casting

  • NEVER asking people to go over, stay late, or work more than our agreed upon time

  • Selfcare is a priority

    • No show is more important that making sure our needs are met. The show will go on.​

  • The rehearsal process and tech week do not need to be long and hard in order to create something high quality and impactful (this is a lie that we are trained to believe because of our upbringing in capitalism and patriarchy)

  • This is a growing list and by no means perfect or complete. It's an area we must always be committed to.


Communication is so important to me. This is something I integrate into everything I do. Not just about my thoughts and opinions but about what I understand based on what you say and reiterating information and making it easy to access.  Some people prefer to "unplug," but I am the type of person who is glued to her email and text messages, and you will seldom have to wonder what time I will be arriving or when something will be done.

Good Student Syndrome

I coined this term years ago, but it basically means I value instruction and efficiency. I like to follow rules and instructions to the heart of their existence rather than by a rigid definition. This means if you say "I want everyone to come a little early to prepare," I might not be there exactly 15 minutes before an event, I might come 30 minutes so I have time to do things slowly and thoughtfully, or I might arrive 5 minutes early because I know getting there earlier will mean I will start playing on my phone and get distracted.


BUT, I call it a syndrome because some times there's a downside. I like to pour my heart into what I do and sometimes this might mean embellishing your request. You might ask me to send a cute email and so I spend two hours designing the best email when you might have wanted something simple and quick. Which is why parameters are important to me. 

No Drama

Despite being a drama teacher, I really dislike getting caught up in workplace drama. Life is too beautiful to spend time gossiping and bad-mouthing people. As satisfying as "venting" can be, I try to keep it to a minimum if not at all. But I will speak my mind in a non-threating or accusatory way if I need to.

My Faith

You can probably tell by now that my faith is important to me. I've worked for so many organizations (religious or non-religious) and have never had any issues come up with my faith. I have a very sober understanding of when it is and isn't appropriate to discuss my beliefs. I also take to heart the desires of the company and make it a point to not jeopardize a company's vision. I'm always upfront if I feel this will impact they way I can participate.

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