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I work as a contracted teaching-artist. Please contact me if you are looking for a teaching artist or director whether on a contacted, seasonal, part-time basis.

Art and acting have become an epicenter of my life. I use many artistic outlets to express myself and have fun, but I have a huge heart to give younger and older people a platform to express themselves, embrace their weird, and utilize their experiences to motivate and inspire others.

Some of my specialties are:

  • Musical Theatre

  • Improvisation

  • Theatre for young students (pre-k to 1st grade)

  • Theatre Basics

  • Audition Prep (musical and non)

  • Monologue Work

Previous places I've taught include:

  • Actors Youth Theatre

  • Childsplay

  • East Valley Children's Theatre

  • Studio 3/Limelight Youth Theatre

  • Experience Arts School

  • KidStage

  • Mesa Arts Center

  • Musical Instrument Museum

  • Movies by Kids

  • CLIMB Theatre in MN

  • Voices Studio


If you're interested in having me teach a workshop, looking for a teaching artist, or would like private lessons, feel free to call or email. Thank you!




I directed my first production 13 years ago and have been building my resume! Prior to being a director, I had several years of teaching theatre under my belt. This created a foundation for my directing career. As of today, I've directed about 12 productions (half musicals and half plays) as well as several smaller-scale performances. My experience is mostly with children but I love working with adults and I'm wanting to continue to move in that direction.

Here are some of my philosophies as a director:

  • Open and abundant communication to the cast (and caregivers)

  • Creating an equitable space for performers

  • Consent & antiracist practices

  • Adhering to and not changing the schedule

  • Not blocking/choreographing on the fly. This involves carving out intentional time to play and try new things, but during blocking where we are writing stuff down, I come in very prepared

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