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Learn how to help your kiddo memorize their lines!
Check out my audition solo
Here's a scene I wrote, directed, and played a part in. One of my favorite pieces I've written. Check it out!
This is Scene 2 of a one-act play I wrote with the assistance of Abbey Yee. Produced at Spotlight Youth Theatre. Contact Me if you're interested in licensing this show.
I had the honor of getting to give the curtain speech for Childsplay's A Christmas Carol in 2020
I loved getting to share about my experience with Arts Education in this video for Actor's Youth Theatre.
Here's a short sketch written by Tyler Miller and produced by BreblyCo
Lovers & Fighters submission video for the Sanctus Real contest. We won the competition and had the privilege to tour locally with the band and open for them. The reason why my video doesn't seem to match up with my audio is because I was improvising.
My good friends Stefan (left on mandolin and H&D) and Jacob (vocals and guitar) and me on the cello. We don't really have a name and we all take turns singing and playing different instruments. Lots of fun!
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