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Emmett's Art Project

A one-act play.


When a group of art students hears about the shooting of their mutual friend, Emmett, they must decide how they will respond. Will they be able to work past their difference to support their friend?

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You Choose

A short, allegorical play.


Adam shows up to interview for a position at a mysterious company. He's taken off guard when the interview takes an interesting turn.

Breaking Lies.png

Breaking Lies

A ten-minute play.


Two sisters are getting ready for the winter formal. One sister is overcome by hateful thoughts in her head, personified by the character called "Lies." When she's so trapped by these thoughts, her sister will have to fight to keep her grounded.

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A One-Act Stranger Things Paradoy Musical

An innocent game of D&D turns disastrous when the creatures from the game come to life and abduct young Willy.

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