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Emmett's Art Project


Amirah is a biracial teen, who has always felt like an outsider because of it. When the Black Lives Matter movement dominates the news, there is a lot of tension and division among her mixed group of friends. Amirah tries to ignore it until one of her friends, Emmett, is shot by the police for defacing public property. This causes Amirah and her friends to protest in their own ways. They come together because of their love for Emmett, and to fight for what they believe in.

Genre: Drama
Length: 1 Hour
Cast Size: 12
Cast Descriptions:

Amirah - Teen Female. Biracial (White & Black).

Ada (Huizhong, means wise & loyal) - Teen Female. Biracial (Asian & White.)

Rashaad - Teen Male. Black.

Emmett - Teen Male. Black.

Emma - Teen Female. White.

Marlo - Teen and can be any gender. White.

Zion - Teen and can be any gender. Non-black POC.

Dallas - Teen can be any gender. White. 

Tamika - Teen female. POC.

Salem - Teen any gender. POC.

Mom/Doctor - Adult. Black. Plays Amirah’s mother (Tiana) and the doctor (Dr. Crumpler). 

Dad/Teacher/Man/Nurse - Adult. White. Plays Amirah’s Dad, The MAGA hat man, The art teacher (Mr. Krenytzky), and the Nurse.

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